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Trusted Auto Body Shop in Edmonton

Your vehicle is probably subjected to traffic and adverse road conditions regularly. You may be a good driver but despite your best efforts and care, scratches to the vehicle body are inevitable. This is where we are ready to assist!


At Harold’s Auto Body Ltd., we know that refinishing technicians in Edmonton or anywhere else are artists at their craft. They are responsible for preparing surfaces for the paint process by cleaning, sanding, filling, priming, blocking and masking. This is a process that takes skill as what lies beneath is of the utmost importance to the appearance and durability of the final product. 

After the completion of this process and a thorough quality control check, we are then ready to refinish your vehicle. Colours are mixed and matched using the latest colour-matching technology and spray out cards. We are then ready for the application of top coats, which consist of one to several colour coats followed by the clear coat application.


When it comes to our refinishing and other services in Edmonton, we are finicky, detail-oriented and driven by our customers’ expectations. We have a lifetime warranty on our paint finish against improper workmanship, excessive fading, peeling or defective materials. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art downdraft spray booth that eliminates dust and contaminants, and we use a top-of-the-line paint and paint products. Both the booth and the products allow us to replicate a flawless factory paint finish.


Our auto body shop services in Edmonton have grown more efficient with our experienced staff. Most of them have been trained by our founder, Harold Fjellstrom, as he considered and treated the entire staff as family. The values of integrity and responsibility that we believe in and practice have driven us to use substances that don’t harm the environment, as reflected below:

  • Harold’s Auto Body Ltd. uses waterborne paint, which reduces solvent emissions, resulting in cleaner air for our community.

  • Our paint department utilizes a biodegradable masking system, and all paint byproducts are recycled.

  • Anti-freeze, damaged sheet metal, air-conditioning refrigerant, tires, batteries and cardboard are also recycled.

If you are in need of an auto body shop here in Edmonton, contact us today!

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